Sheets2GCal is a Google Sheets add-on with over 95,000 users, written and maintained by Neil Gerstenberg, Diamond Product Expert for Google, developer of the desktop calendar software GCalToolkit and GTasksToolkit for Google Tasks, the GCalExtras Workspace add-on, and the free Chrome Extension GCalPlus.

Neil started working in his spare time with the Google Calendar API when it was first released to help Palm users migrate data from the discontinued Palm Desktop software to Google Calendar. It became clear that many users were unhappy with the limited search and lack of bulk editing capabilities of Google Calendar, so he wrote GCalToolkit which has grown over the last 10 years to become the leading Google Calendar management software for individuals and businesses who need advanced search, sorting, filtering, de-duplication, and mass-editing of events.

A regular contributor to the Google Calendar Community Support Forums, he realized that many people prefer to manage their events in familiar spreadsheet software, often using CSV to import their data to Google Calendar. However, the CSV format is very limited with no support for repeat events, time zones or Meets/Hangouts. Existing solutions for linking Google Sheets and Google Calendar were outdated and lacking many essential features, and Sheets2GCal was born!

Updated: 7 April 2021